On behalf of the Rocky Point Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to welcome you to our community. All of us on the Fire Department think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and if you want to live here you must feel the same. While living in paradise is wonderful, sometimes bad things happen and our job is to try to fix the problem or keep it from getting worse. We also try to keep bad things from happening at all.

Rocky Point Fire & EMS is an all-volunteer department. We currently have a total of 13 volunteers. Some of our volunteers are EMT certified. Your insurance company will want to know what our ISO rating is.  Most of our community enjoys an ISO rating of 8-B.

Most of our fire protection budget comes from your property taxes. To subsidize our budget, the Community holds an annual Bar-B-Q on the third Saturday of July. Not only do we have a BBQ, but we also have a parade, auction, vendor booths, flea market, and live music. It is a lot of fun, and you will definitely want to attend. If you are so inclined, we are always looking for volunteers to help with the event. It’s a great way to help the community and meet your neighbors.

Rocky Point is in a very rural setting, and travel time to a hospital can be extended. Your tax dollars that go to the fire district pay for fire coverage, but not ambulance or EMS services. We offer insurance to help cover these expenses. This plan covers household members at your address. Also, because of our rural setting, in an emergency it may be necessary to fly out the patient in a helicopter ambulance. Please stop by and find out about air transport emergency service.

As I have mentioned, Rocky Point Fire & EMS is an all-volunteer department. We are always looking for volunteers. If you would be interested in volunteering, please come to the firehouse and I will explain the many ways you can be of service. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or come by the firehouse.


Diann Walker-Pope

Fire Chief