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To the POINT – March 2016

Thank you to everyone that made the Soup supper and Bingo today so much fun !!   If you missed this fun day you won’t want to miss the Pancake breakfast we’ll hold in June.  Watch for the dates and don’t forget the ever fun BBQ Summer Festival in July, we are looking for helpers … Please give Judy 541 892 9202 or Julie Black 541 356 2250 if you’d like to help.  Thanks again for the fun Soup/Bingo day today !!

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To the POINT – February 2016

Click on link below for the pdf of the monthly POINT.  If you would like to see both the link and point in text here, please let us know.  Also give us input on things you’d like to see.

To the POINT February 2016

Fun February fact

Why are there 28 days in February?

According to a popular legend, July was named after Julius Caesar and hence it had 31 days. Later, when Augustus Caesar took over the Roman Empire, he wanted August, the month named after him, to have 31 days as well. Hence, the two extra days were taken from February, which was then left with 28 days.

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