August 2016 archive

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Help Rocky Point Fire and E.M.S receive quarterly cash donations from Fred Meyer.
Rocky Point Fire and E.M.S is now registered as a Fred Meyer Community Rewards partner.
Here is how the program works.
1. Fred Meyer shoppers with rewards cards sign up online for a Fred Meyer account(if you don’t already have one) at Fred Meyer Community
2. Click on Re-enroll or Link my card now
3. Select Your Organization- in the search box enter 90570 or Rocky Point Fire and E.M.S
4. Click Enroll to complete your enrollment.
This process takes little time and costs you nothing. You will still receive your rewards points as always. Once your card is linked to the program, every time you shop and use your rewards cards, you will be helping Rocky Point Fire and E.M.S. To verify that your card has been linked, check the bottom of your receipt – it will name the organization that you are supporting. Have questions or need help, contact: Deb Hill 971-235 0926.