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To the POINT – January 2016

All five Board members, clerk, and 5 guests attended the December meeting. Minutes for November were approved, and Sandy began addressing financial matters.
She researched options for purchasing a prepaid credit card to be used for volunteer training meals with funds generated from the bottle return program. Necessary papers for changing the BBQ bank account signature are in hand. She clarified the tax levy should other properties be annexed and explained the quarterly payroll taxes. All financials were approved.
Board president gave a progress report on the new web site, summarized the first BBQ meeting, gave status of 501 C 3, and announced the SDIS Water Intrusion Grant application has been submitted.
New business began with a proposed addendum to the reimbursement policy, stemming from concerns over financial compensation for a Board member. One position was that reimbursement should be only for travel and training; any other time spent on department matters should be completely voluntary. Another acknowledged that while the practice might be legal, it doesn’t pass the ethics or morals test to pay any Board members for what they do. At the very least, it should be voted on by the entire board. President defended the practice by understanding the concerns but maintaining compensation has been for work above and beyond what would be considered normal in order to bring the district into compliance. The Board tabled the matter.
They approved a revised BBQ Policy and changed signatories on the BBQ bank account.
The Board moved into executive session to conduct the Fire Chief’s annual review. When they reconvened, they approved the employment agreement of a monthly fire chief compensation package of $2400, which includes payroll taxes, for the upcoming year.
Fire Chief reported that the department has been responding to lots of calls, resulting in our continuing to receive monies from EF Recovery and FireMed. A power spike during a power outage resulted in damage to some of our electric equipment, requiring repair by a licensed electrician. The 4 breathing apparatus have been tested and are in compliance. Ladder testing is next on the list.
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You’re welcome at any of the meetings the 3rd Wednesday, 4 PM, of each month. Meeting agenda is posted on the kiosk prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted at the fire hall kiosk, and complete meeting notes are available upon request at 541 205-4934 or on the website, http://www.rpfire.com. This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Our own fire department is equipped with a huge generator, as well as emergency supplies for anybody who needs help. That means if your power goes out, you have a place to stay warm, sleep, and eat. Keep the new number (541 205-4934) in a convenient place and call it if you need help. This is especially important for any of our patrons who might need electricity during a power outage to operate life-supporting equipment.
Visit the Edward Jones Office, 1307 Alameda, Suite B and check out Eric Dillenberger’s featured art exhibit, on display through January.

Unfortunately, this segment is much shorter than the two more depressing ones that follow. But the Hedges decided Dan’s hip was in such good shape that they would spend Christmas with their 2 little granddaughters in California. Jan Doss traveled south also, spending the holiday with her daughter and family, before coming back to Rocky Point to continue packing her belongings for the permanent move.


Gina Danforth almost healed from complex hand surgery, only to face the same procedure on the other hand. It seems like she’s able to get more done with crippled hands than the rest of us are with all our parts in operation. Odessa Store’s Camille also recovered nicely from a scheduled surgery in early December.
Gordon Veitch didn’t schedule his hospital visit, but he too is recovering from an emergency trip. Judy Anderson ended up in the hospital, following a doctor visit. Hopefully the partial hip replacement relieves the pain and has her ready for the spring gardening she loves.
Sympathies to Ruth and lots of old friends, following the death of Fred Koehler.
George’s recommendation to “Think Snow!” must have worked, because we certainly did get some. That means Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake are literally winter wonderlands, with lots of opportunity for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and maybe even some ice fishing. Of course you could just head up the hill and enjoy the beauty and be thankful for the snowpack we haven’t seen in way too many years. Both facilities are available for snow play anytime, but weekends offer great food at the Marina Grill (1st weekend of the month prime rib specials) or Fish Lake Café, while you just look out the window at the white stuff.
Harriman Springs Resort is equally gorgeous, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wednesday through Sunday.
Forget traveling all the way to one town or another on icy roads for your supplies. Scott and Camille at Odessa Market have just about anything you could need, with the added benefit of discount fuel the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. If they don’t carry something you use regularly, tell them. They’re eager to support the local needs however they can.

Holly & Andy, 707 354-1254
Helen & Edwin, 707 953-3391
Call Donna
541 591-2191
Sean Voelker will do miscellaneous jobs
541 591-9389
Call Mike for winter snowplowing.
541 356-2105
Storage units for rent
Mountain Lakes Storage
541 356-2400
New printing available
541 956-2382

A number of glitches continue to collide in our efforts to meet the targeted 1st of the month newsletter publication. Apologies again, but we’re getting closer to it all being back to normal.
For anybody interested in accessing this newsletter electronically, Judy is redesigning the fire department’s web page and will be posting it as part of the information about the community. Be patient as she continues to work on this project that almost everybody else avoided.

It’s been a long time since most of us have seen this much snow, and some of our newbies have never seen their roads and yards piled high. In dealing with the challenge, everyone should be reminded of a few Rocky Point realities:

1. With the exception of HWY 140, Rocky Point Road, Westside Road, Pelican Butte Road, and Varney Creek Road, all local access roadways are classed as public roads, meaning they are user maintained, which includes snow removal. No matter how many calls you make to ODOT, the county, or the Forest Service, they aren’t going to plow a road that isn’t theirs;
2. Large snow plows and graders can’t stop and clean out your driveway entrance. The loss of momentum would prevent then from effectively clearing roadways and the time spent would delay road clearing, which is their job. Reshoveling those berms is part of the price of living in paradise;
3. Be very kind to whoever is plowing for you. Snowplowing is a thankless, equipment-busting, expensive task;
4. Get the snow off of your roof. Snow is heavy, especially if it’s combined with rain or confined melting, and flat roofs as on manufactured homes often aren’t designed for this kind of weight;
5. Continue to check on and help one another, a common practice for the amazing people in this community.